Introducing Our NEW Flor Collection!

May 04, 2018

Introducing Our NEW Flor Collection!

We have been taking advantage of the post holiday period to curate some beautiful new collections for you and we are so excited to release our Flor Collection.

bonita dress cielo collectivejade cross body bag cielo collectiveThe Flor Collection features stunning hand embroidered blouses and dresses. These gorgeous creations were crafted by 12 families in the close community of San Gabriel Chilac & San José Miahuatlán, Mexico, where this traditional design was born. The floral embroidery on each piece is one of a kind and can take up to 10 days to be completed, making every single one special and unique.bonita dress cielo collectivebonita dress conchona bag cielo collectiveTwo years ago we came across these stunning dresses in a local Oaxacan market. Since that time and for the past 2 years we have endeavoured to find the original artisans of these designs. Our purpose is to work directly with the makers and that is why we were so excited to connect with Andrea Salazar.bonita dress cielo collectivebonita dress cielo collectiveAndrea Salazar is from the indigenous Nahuatl community of San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla and over time she has seen the unfair treatment of artisans who are her family and friends. Andrea explains that this happens with the commercialisation of Chilac designs. Due to the increased popularity of the ‘traditional Mexican Dress’, buyers or what many artisans call ‘coyotes’ would visit San Gabriel Chilac and bargain the artisans down to a low price to sell the ever so popular style at a cheap price. Often the artisan is never given credit, fair payment or sustainable work.gabriel dress cielo collectivebonita blouse cielo collectiveIt is true that many customers don’t know where the traditional ‘Mexican Dress’ originated from. People are seen wearing and selling them all over the world without knowing the true source and understanding the origins. When we travelled through Mexico 2 years ago, we also saw these designs being sold in markets throughout Chiapas and even Guatemala. This certainly adds to the confusion.jade cross body bag cielo collectiveAndrea is supporting her community and preserving their cultural traditions while ensuring that each artisan gets a fair income. Cheers to that! We are so excited to partner with her and her team. We have been showcasing these designs at our local artisan markets for the past few weeks and have sold out of quite a few sizes, so be quick!

This collection also includes new and restocked bag designs, made by Juan and Silvia's Workshop in Guatemala. The hand tooled leather matches perfectly with the colourful embroidery in the dresses.

-Skye & Moacir.

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