Pantelho Huipil

The vertical stripes and vibrant colours of the Pantelho Huipil are a perfect combination! Each huipil has been handwoven traditionally on a backstrap loom by women of the Jolom Mayaetik Weaving Co-operative from Pantelho, Mexico. After the front and back of the huipil is woven, the two panels are stitched together. A unique design is then hand embroidered onto the sleeves and neckline, making each huipil one of a kind. The difficulty involved in the hand made process means that this blouse takes 1 week to create.

A symbol of the sacred toad was also embroidered by hand inside the stripes. In Maya belief, the toad signifies a fertile earth. Mayan elders say that when toads sing, the saints are happy and they send rain to earth.

The boxy shape pairs perfectly with boyfriend jeans or denim shorts, so you can wear this beauty all year round!

    • Handmade by Rosa Gomez Ruiz from Santa Cruz, Pantelho
    • 100% Cotton
    • Exclusively 1 available
    • Comfortably fits sizes 8-10
    • Model is 171cm tall and an Australian size 8
    • Length: 56cm
    • Bust: 104cm
    • Arm hole depth: 22cm
    • Hand wash separately in cold water and hang to dry
    • Due to the handmade nature, there may be slight imperfections and raw threads. This simply adds to the uniqueness of each piece

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