El Mar Net Bag

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Replace your ‘green bag’ with this handmade beauty. Each El Mar Net Bag was handwoven by Jose Lopez Perez and his family in the Chiapas Highlands. The durable design was traditionally used to carry wood, corn and other necessities from town to town.

The El Mar Net Bag is made from natural maguey fibres (from the agave plant), making them strong and long lasting. The fibres are stripped, laid out in the sun to dry, then spun by hand on the artisans' thigh and intricately woven to create loops. A removable natural leather strap is knotted into the woven design and is complimented by a vibrant pom pom tassel, handmade by women from the Jolom Mayaetik Women's Weaving Cooperative.

Due to the nature of the maguey fibre the bags extend wide to carry belongings and contract when emptied. Perfect to take to the local farmers market or the beach! The whole creation process can take over 8 weeks for just one bag. Due to the mass production of other fibres, artisans are not passing this skill down to current and future generations, making them very difficult to source. The El Mar Net Bag is truly a special piece to be treasured forever!

Please note - each tassel strand is one of a kind so you may receive a design that is not pictured.

  • 100% maguey fibre
  • Recycled natural leather strap that will brown after frequent use
  • Removable tassel accessory
  • Adjustable knotted strap
  • Width varies from 25cm - 27cm not stretched
  • Strap drop varies from 44cm to 56cm
  • Apply leather conditioner evenly on strap to protect against cracking

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