La Flor de Xochistlahuaca

La Flor de Xochistlahuaca is a group of 27 incredible Amuzgo women located in the south of Guerrero, Mexico. They weave traditional designs from their community with the purpose of rescuing, preserving and promoting their ancestral techniques of cultivating cotton, spinning cotton, creating natural dyes and dyeing thread. It is place where daughters and young women come to learn these techniques from generations before them and receive knowledge about their culture and traditions.

They work together to create high quality designs to share with a local and global market. The women set a profitable price for all of their pieces in order to advance economically and collectively split the wages among themselves. They have such a special history and culture that is reflected in their handwoven huipiles (traditional blouses), table cloths and shawls, where each weaving features motifs that represent their environment and people. We feel very honoured to receive their pieces to share with you all.

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