Each Cielo clothing piece is completely unique. When purchasing from the artisans we work with, the blouses, skirts and dresses do not come with set sizes. We have done our best to measure each item to give you guidance when choosing a piece.

The measurements in our product descriptions are the dimensions of the item, so if you are unsure about sizing simply measure one of your favourite tops/skirts/dresses to compare with the measurements in our store.

Our pieces generally fit more than one size, as they can be worn loose or fitted, it is up to you. A lot of our blouses and dress designs are a boxy fit, so the bust measurement may be the same as the hip and waist measurements.

If you are unsure about the size of a particular piece, simply send an email to and we will help you as best we can. We would also love your feedback! If you would love a piece in a particular measurement, let us know and we can contact our artisans to see if they can make some in the future. We know that currently we have limited sizes, however hope to grow and offer more sizes in the future.

If you receive a piece and it does not fit you properly, head to our returns section and follow the instructions.

Gracias amigos!

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