Our Story

Who we are

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We are Moacir & Skye and together we create Cielo Collective. 

  • Cielo: (pron: See – eh – lo), Spanish word for heaven or sky – noun: a place or state of supreme happiness.
  • Collective: -adj: formed by collection.

With a mutual love for tradition, creativity and human connection, we personally travel to artisan villages throughout Mexico and Guatemala. Here we develop and source beautifully handcrafted pieces created by highly skilled artisans. Residing in Noosa, Australia our pieces resonate with our coastal lifestyle and are essentials for wandering the globe, a cosy corner in your home or for days by the sea.

Why we do it

cielo collective why we do it

We have a passion and love for the traditional artistic processes of artisans throughout Mexico and Guatemala. It is our goal to share the beauty, skill, spirit and traditions of each artisan group with you so that you can develop a deeper appreciation for their art and their culture.

We want you to not only value each design but also the hands that made them. To do this, we proudly share the details of all of our artisan partners, who are members of established weaving cooperatives and small family businesses. Each of their unique designs are made in their own homes, workshops or cooperative groups and they decide the value of their creations. Our focus is on making sustainable partnerships so that we can support these amazing craftsmen and women into the future.

We also support

mision mexico cielo collective

Mision Mexico provides a loving, secure family home for children of all ages who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned, and mostly from backgrounds of extreme poverty. Opened by Australians Pam and Alan Skuse, Mision Mexico has been changing lives in Tapachula, Chiapas, through love, life and hope since 2001.