Vicky - Nuestras Manos

Vicky learnt how to hand crochet at a young age and by early adulthood was making simple yet stunning blouse designs. Over the years she has perfected her technique and now creates intricately detailed blouses, dresses and skirts that are truly breathtaking. Many of her designs also feature handwoven textiles that she sources from a women's weaving cooperative in San Juan Colorado, as her focus is on supporting and empowering female artisans throughout her state. Vicky has now taught over 50 women in her community how to crochet and has created a small cooperative group. Vicky manages the creative process, provides the women with work, teaches them new techniques and handles all of the new business partnerships.

Vicky’s hope is to one day build an organic cotton farm in San Juan del Rio. There are more women than there are men in her town because most men travel to the United States for work (like her father did many years ago) and send money home to their families. By creating the farm, she hopes that it could provide men and women with sustainable employment while also making organic cotton accessible for her clothing designs. She would love for every thread that she uses in her pieces to be locally sourced and organic, as she explains that her Zapotec roots encourage her thoughts on sustainability and caring for the environment.

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