Xochipilli Artisan Group

Andrea Salazar, founder of Xochipilli Artisan Group is from the indigenous Nahuatl community of San Gabriel Chilac. Over time she has seen the unfair treatment of artisans, many being her family and friends. Andrea explains that this happens with the commercialisation of Chilac designs. Due to the increased popularity of the ‘traditional Mexican Dress’, buyers or what many artisans call ‘coyotes’ would visit San Gabriel Chilac and bargain the artisans down to a low price to sell the ever so popular style at a cheap price. Often the artisan is never given credit, fair payment or sustainable work and over time they are unable to continue creating their designs.

Andrea started Xochipilli to support her community and preserve their cultural traditions while ensuring that each artisan gets a fair income. Through her guidance they are already seeing the change.

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