El Verano Collection

November 17, 2016

El Verano Collection



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Our latest collection is inspired by an Australian Summer. Moacir and I wandered through the markets of Oaxaca and San Cristobal, in search of key pieces that could be lived in and well loved. For long road trips, days by the sea and balmy nights, our El Verano Collection is ready to be taken on any adventure.

The natural and crisp white Amuzgo and San Pedro blouses remind us of our coastlines sandy beaches. The Costa Chica dress also has this effect. The colourful embroidery represents the vibrant flowers and deep green plants that inhabit our shores.  

Then there is our feminine and floaty Cordon Crochet Maxi dress. This beauty has a barefoot and carefree feel. A one off design for special occasions and romantic moments.

In contrast, the San Andres designs are vivacious and vibrant. Intricate handwoven textiles are combined with soft cotton muslin to create unique stand out pieces that are difficult to come by.

Our exclusive El Verano Collection features two new bag designs: the Raya Shoulder Bag and El Mar Net Bag. Both bags are designed to carry summer loving essentials, like a beach towel or fresh produce found at the markets.

Our El Verano Collection was shot in Noosa, against the wild dunes of North Sunshine Beach. We ventured into the green hills just after the sun rose and found hidden gems and walkways. My beautiful friend and artist, Shannon Toth, danced and laughed as Moacir snapped away. We also took a few sneaky shots of our best selling Bohemio Blouse and Bonita Dress, because we simply couldn't resist!

We hope that our El Verano Collection, inspires you to get outside to explore, to journey and to dream.


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