Introducing the new Vistoso Collection!

March 14, 2018

Introducing the new Vistoso Collection!

We are so excited to release our ‘Vistoso’ Collection featuring new and restocked handcrafted designs. Vistoso translates to 'colourful' in Spanish, because as you can see these pieces celebrate colour and the joy it brings to our lives. A big thank you to Juan & Silvia’s family workshop in Guatemala for these beauties. The entire collection took 2 months to complete and we love the result of the slow made process.

cielo collective catarina clutchJuan and Silvia's family workshop Cielo CollectiveYou will be very happy to hear that this collection includes our popular Catarina Clutches in tan leather and for the first time… a small selection in black leather!! Silvia sourced the most beautiful huipiles from a local mercado for this collection. We have also restocked the Pana Coin Pouches, which sit perfectly inside our Catarina Clutches.

cielo collective catarina clutch pana coin pouch

cielo collective catarina clutchTwo new designs that we are also ecstatic to release are our Cielo Key Rings and Cielo Camera Straps! The Cielo Key Rings are an exclusive new design, handcrafted by Juan using left over textile pieces from the Catarina Clutches. Each textile is so special and the key rings help to prevent waste.

cielo collective key ringThe Cielo Camera Straps were originally fajas (traditional belts created and worn by Maya women). Silvia sourced the unique fajas from the local markets for each design too. They create the perfect pop of colour and are a very practical design for the budding photographer or professional.

cielo collective camera strapThat isn’t all… We have also restocked our much loved naturally dyed Azul Ikat Clutches. These beauties sold out over Christmas and we are so happy to have them available again. The Azul Ikat Clutches were handwoven by a local women’s weaving cooperative and the deep blue dye was made from the indigo plant.

cielo collective azul ikat clutch

We hope that these vibrant designs resonate with you all. Embrace colour in the everyday, wherever you may be. Shop the Vistoso Collection here!

- Skye & Moacir.