One Of A Kind Restocks are Live!

October 20, 2017

One Of A Kind Restocks are Live!

catarina clutch cielo collectiveLast week we received another small collection from Juan and Silvia's Family Workshop in Guatemala. As I opened the box I was in absolute awe of the colours, textures and craftsmanship. Juan and Silvia started their business in Juan's hometown (one of Lake Atitlan's bustling lakeside villages) 15 years ago. Their incredible work has allowed them to travel the world and customers from all over the globe visit their workshop yearly. When we visited Juan and Silvia last year, we spent days in their workshop, sorting through a sea of colourful textiles and detailed designs.

pana coin pouch cielo collectiveSilvia sources the textiles from local markets and women's weaving cooperatives that surround the lake. All of the textiles are handwoven on backstrap looms. You will notice one of a kind huipiles (traditional Maya blouses), naturally dyed ikat and custom made stripes or patterns throughout their collections. They believe in the balance of old and new textiles as it is important for them to preserve the art of Maya weaving but also work with worn textiles from local markets.

catarina clutch cielo collectiveIn this new collection you will find one of a kind Catarina Clutches and Pana Coin Pouches as well as our restocked Azul Ikat Clutch in indigo (a customer favourite!). They make beautiful gifts (Christmas is only 2 months away!) as each clutch or coin pouch is unique, so you can be certain that your loved one won't have anything like it. If you would like an extra compartment, the Pana or Laguna Coin Pouches fit perfectly inside the Catarina and Azul Ikat Clutches. 

azul ikat clutch cielo collective

We are so excited to release these new pieces! Head to the Cielo store below to peruse the new designs.

Shop Catarina Clutches here!

Shop Pana Coin Pouches here!

Shop the Azul Ikat Clutch here!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone,

-Skye & Moacir.

cielo collective pana coin pouch