Introducing TEIXCHEL and Our New Clutch!

December 08, 2017

Introducing TEIXCHEL and Our New Clutch!

 We are very happy to introduce you to our new artisan partners... Teixchel!

Teixchel is a weaving association that was formed by women in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. Their mission is to support their families while preserving their weaving culture. Teixchel's incredible handcrafted designs represent their identity, history, traditions and ethics where their pieces are born from their ancestral knowledge.

teixchel cielo collective guatemala

teixchel cielo collective guatemalaWe have been working with Christine, one of the directors of this beautiful organisation for a couple of months now, to showcase their pieces in our store. We are now so excited to be the exclusive suppliers of their unique designs here in Australia.

When Christine showed us the Sentimientos Ancestrales Clutch we instantly fell in love. The gorgeous eco dyed threads stand out against the natural backdrop. The clutch comes in mustard, green, turquoise, terracotta and purple embroidery, so there is truly a colour for everyone.


cielo collective sentimientos ancestrales clutch teixchel

teixchel cielo collective guatemalaWe can't wait to visit this amazing group of women when we next visit Guatemala. We are so moved by their story and excited to be a part of their future.

"We weave as a reminder of who we are as women and as a reminder of our futures and pasts. This is why we weave exclusively with nontoxic ecodyes and natural dyes, because our land is not only ours, but that of generations to come" - Teixchel.cielo collective sentimientos ancestrales clutch teixchelteixchel cielo collective guatemala

You can view the Sentimientos Ancestrales Clutch HERE!

We hope you love them as much as we do,

Skye & Moacir.