The Chamula Collection

January 19, 2017

The Chamula Collection

Last week Moacir and I headed to Byron Bay for a few days to switch off after a busy holiday period. Thank you again to everyone that shopped with us over this time! We are so grateful and are so excited to continue growing our heartfelt business this year.

We had planned to spend our time in Byron surfing, reading, sleeping and simply enjoying each other’s company, however I did sneak a few of my favourite Cielo pieces into my bag. So one morning we hopped in the car and drove through winding dirt roads to the stunning hidden spot that is Whites Beach. Moacir and I climbed down the grassy cliff face and eventually made our way to the sand. We immediately felt that this beautiful bay created the perfect setting to shoot our unique Chamula Collection.

the Chamula Blouse Cielo Collective

the Chamula Blouse Cielo Collective 4the Chamula Blouse Cielo Collective 5

Our Chamula and Estrella Blouses were all hand embroidered by the J’pas Joloviletik Cooperative in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. The co-op has over 180 female members who come from rural communities just outside of San Cristobal. In fact, our Chamula Blouse is named after the village of San Juan Chamula, the place where that particular embroidered design comes from. The women all benefit from weaving as a group as it allows them to set a fair price for their creations and gives them the opportunity to create more whilst growing together.

cielo collective chamula blouse el mar net bag

estrella blouse cielo collectivethe Chamula Blouse Cielo Collective 2

You will notice that each blouse features a striking embroidered design of corn (or maize). When we were in Mexico, we learnt that corn is very sacred as it connects the Maya with their ancestors and continues to feed the spirit and body of the Maya today. Each blouse is 100% cotton and can takes up to or over 1 week to create. The blouses are all one of a kind and are stand out pieces that pair perfectly with jeans or shorts. You will also notice that our El Mar Net Bags and Jalieza Shoulder Bags made an appearance. These handwoven designs make the best beach bags, market bags or day bags.

chamula blouse cielo collective jalieza shoulder bag

cielo collective chamula blouse purple maizethe Chamula Blouse Cielo Collective 3

After taking photos all morning we swam in the crystal clear waters and made our way up the cliffs by wading through the high tide and holding onto branches. It surely was an adventure filled morning!

estrella blouse cielo collectivecielo collective chamula blouse
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Gracias amigos!