Recreate Your Bedroom With Cielo Style

February 09, 2017

Recreate Your Bedroom With Cielo Style

When looking at recreating your bedroom, think about the kind of feeling you wish to achieve. A bedroom should ideally have a relaxing feel, be comfortable and clutter free to give you a sense of clarity at the end of your day.

The easiest way to create a calming space is to choose colours that you love. So once you have the colour in mind, choose pieces for your bedroom that are functional and that resonate with who you are. For me, this is easy because every Cielo piece reminds me of the place where it was made and the person or artisan group who made it. If you choose pieces that are meaningful to you, you are more likely to look after and cherish those pieces. This ultimately prevents you from buying more.

Choosing ethical and high quality pieces can help you form that connection. So when you are buying for your bedroom or any space, think about how it was made, who made it and what benefit it can give to your life and others.

Once you have all of this in mind, play around with different shades and textures of cushions, throws or blankets that match your colour palette. White bed linen goes with everything, so use that as your base and work from there. Layer your cushions with different colour combinations and when the weather becomes cooler, simply drape a wool blanket over the end of your bed.

Our range of home goods were all handwoven on backstrap looms by women’s weaving co-operatives in Mexico and Guatemala. The women create their art slowly, with intention and feel every stroke of the hand loom, with one end of the loom attached to their hips and the other attached to a tree or pole. Each design can take up to 1 week to weave and they are often finished off with hand embroidery or hand knotted tassels. Check out our suggestions below!

If blue is your pick, our Pale Blue Sapo Cushion and Light Blue Sapo Cushions pair perfectly with our Indigo Ikat Throw and Blanket.

Indigo Ikat Throw Blue Sapo Cushions Cielo Collective

Here we have the Amor Ikat Throw matching well with our Red Sapo Cushions, Red Diamante Cushions and Red Jalieza Cushions.

Amor Ikat Throw Red Sapo Cushions Red Diamante Cushions Cielo Collective

For earthy browns and pale pinks, our Cafe Ikat Blanket and Dusty Pink Jalieza Cushions create a relaxed feel.

Cafe Ikat Blanket Dusty Pink Jalieza Cushions Cielo Collective

I’ve always loved the combination of green and purple as they add so much depth to a room. Our Verde Ikat Throw pairs beautifully with our Purple Diamante Cushion.

Verde Ikat Throw Purple Diamante Cushions Cielo Collective

Our Pink Rainbow Throw is made out of beautifully soft bamboo, silk and cotton. It beautifully complements our Mundo Cushions and Pale Blue Sapo Cushion.

Rainbow Throw Blue Sapo Cushion Mundo Cushions Cielo Collective

Another vibrant combination can be created by matching our Dulce Ikat Throw with our Jalieza Cushions in Dusty Pink and Natural.

Dulce Ikat Throw Jalieza Cushions Cielo Collective

If you have a neutral coloured chair in you room that also needs a bit of colour, drape a throw over the top or place a few colourful cushions on top. Just like we have done with our Rainbow Throw, Mustard Diamante Cushion and Flora Cushion.

Rainbow Throw Cielo Collective

Mustard Diamante Cushion Flora Cushion Cielo Collective

Once your bed is looking beautiful, purchase some coloured baskets to match and pot some plants to give the room a restful feel. We have used our Planta Palm baskets that were handwoven in Oaxaca. We have a few designs left and they are available exclusively through our Noosa studio. Get in touch if you wish to visit!

Gracias amigos! - Skye.
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